About Nigeria

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, which is also projected to become the fourth most populous country in the world by 2050, is home to about 186 million warm, vibrant and uniquely diverse people. Out of 247 countries in the world, Nigeria has the 19th highest mortality rate with only about 3% of its population living to be 65 years or older. An estimated 120 million have no form of health insurance, with at least half of that number not being able to afford medical care.

With your help, we can improve these numbers and make a difference in people’s lives. 100% of donations made goes into organizing our medical fairs, where people with life threatening diseases will be treated for free and educated on how to manage their disease. We also plan to partner with the hospitals in these communities, provide funding for them, so they can continue our work in these communities.

Additionally, we plan on organizing a Scholars Program where students are given the rare opportunity to hear from a panel of diverse professionals speaking about their career path, current occupations, have a Q&A session and an opportunity to interact with the professionals informally after the event. We will also be giving scholarships to some deserving students to help them along in their chosen career path.