Who We Are

Community Based Development Partners, Inc. is a Virginia-based nonprofit organization focused on providing community-based health and education support to communities in Nigeria.


We provide support to hospitals, clinics and schools in the communities we serve. We collaborate with these institutions to strengthen existing programs and to provide needed supplies, equipment and other support. Our signature programs include:

Medical Fair – We work with local hospitals to host medical outreach programs designed to address particular diseases and medical conditions. We provide drugs, medical supplies and logistical support to complement the ongoing efforts of the hosting hospitals.

Scholar Programs  We provide funds to establish scholarship programs to public school students in the communities we serve. We also provide mentorship and career counseling to students in the program. We host an annual “Career Day” open to all secondary school students in our host communities, featuring a panel of diverse professionals discussing their career paths with the students.


We launched our pilot program in Omu-AranKwara State, Nigeria in 2017. We will be expanding our services to more communities in the near future.